Ariana Grande fans tremble as they recall Manchester attack

May says Salman Abadi, the suicide bomber who killed 22 people at a concert in Manchester, may have been part of a bigger network. The man suspected of carrying out Britain's deadliest bombing in almost 12 years was named as Salman Abedi , aged 22, a student at the University of Salford , near Manchester city centre.

Police arrest 'man with knife' in vicinity of Buckingham Palace

Police arrest 'man with knife' in vicinity of Buckingham Palace

Prime Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday, May 23 the threat level was now considered "critical", meaning an attack may be imminent, and said soldiers would be deployed to prevent further attacks. As a highly visible deterrent and disruptive tactic, officers will be making more use of stop-and-search operations, vehicle checkpoints and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology.

Trump Wraps Mid East Trip, Rome Is Up Next

Israel and the Palestinians have not held direct talks for more than three years and Trump acknowledged it was "one of the toughest deals of all". It was much more about relationship-building. He said that he believes a "durable peace" between Israel, its Arab neighbors and the Palestinians can be reached "because of the common danger that the Arab world and Israel face from Iran, and because of the leadership that you bring to this process".

Trump 'never mentioned' Israel in Russian Federation talks

Trump 'never mentioned' Israel in Russian Federation talks

The Washington Post , citing unidentified intelligence officials, reported Trump told the diplomats information about an Islamic State plot to use laptop computers as possible weapons on commercial aircraft. Trump touched it in prayer and, adhering to tradition, placed a note in a deep crevice. And I think probably the most delicate part of this visit is going to be his visit to the Western Wall.

Manchester Arena attack: Olivia Campbell, 15, confirmed dead by mother

Rudd said up to 3,800 military personnel would be deployed on Britain's streets in response to the worst militant attack for over a decade. The terror threat was last raised to critical in 2007 after a blazing auto loaded with gas canisters was driven into Glasgow Airport just days after Gordon Brown succeeded Tony Blair as Prime Minister.

Trump Asked Intelligence Officials to Push Back on FBI Russia Probe

What the officer didn't know was that US spies were listening. Lawmakers don't want to interfere with Mueller's investigation by calling witnesses or demanding documents that could undermine his inquiry, he said. And then America isn't going to be great again. "Americans are very forgiving", McCain said. Coats paused for several seconds before saying, "That is something that I would like to withhold, that question at this particular point in time ".