Donald Trump says Palestinians and Israelis are 'ready for peace'

President Donald Trump voiced optimism today about a peace accord between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, but Florida Sen. But he also touched on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, again vowing he was "personally committed" to helping the two sides reach a deal.

Ivanka Trump makes 'deeply meaningful' visit to Western Wall

President Donald Trump with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before their meeting at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on Monday. Among those concerns, he said, was Iran , and Mr Netanyahu thanked Mr Trump for changing the US's policy on Iran by accepting the threat it poses to the region.

Trump fails to explain how to revive Arab-Israeli talks

He then placed a note with a prayer into a crack in the wall, a Jewish tradition. "Never mentioned during that conversation", Trump said at a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem when asked by journalists about the reports.

USA airstrikes in Syria 'completely unacceptable', Russian Federation says

The U.S. -led coalition reportedly also tried to warn the Syrian government through a hotline established with Assad-allied forces, but that didn't work. The U.S. -led coalition identified the militia as a Shiite, Iran-backed group that " posed a threat to U.S. and partner forces". The U.S. military launched fresh air strikes against pro-Assad forces in Syria , officials told Fox News Thursday.

With new sheriff in town, S.Korea big businesses duck for cover

With new sheriff in town, S.Korea big businesses duck for cover

For his part, Lee said Moon asked him "to express his thanks to President Xi for his message of congratulations after our election". Moon made the remarks at a meeting with floor leaders of the five major parties, including the ruling Democratic Party, the main opposition Liberty Korea Party, the centrist People's Party, the minor conservative Righteous Party and the minor liberal Justice Party, Xinhua news agency quoted presidential spokesman Park Su-hyun as saying.

Senate Intelligence Committee issues two new Flynn subpoenas

Senate Intelligence Committee issues two new Flynn subpoenas

Warner said that Flynn's businesses are being subpoenaed because it is believed that "a business does not have the right to take the Fifth if it's a corporation". The only option that is not on the table, Burr said, would be immunity. We'd like to see his documents. "Mr. Comey wants to tell his side of the story and I'm glad he has chosen to do that with the Senate intelligence committee", Warner said.