U.S. president meets Pope Francis at Vatican

The encounter between the pope and first lady created what's being described as a "lost in translation" scenario: public media in Slovenia (where Melania Trump is from) report that the pope was asking about potica - a traditional sweet nut roll pastry from Eastern Europe.

Trump reaffirms commitment to Israel, achieving peace in Middle East

While both Netanyahu and Abbas have made positive noises about their readiness to negotiate, both also face domestic constraints on their freedom to manoeuvre and strike a deal. 'Standing next to you, President Abbas condemned the horrific attack in Manchester . "They would think that's a great name". Trump called America's security cooperation with Israel "bigger than ever", and a difference from the Obama administration.

USA admiral: North Korea's actions 'recipe for disaster'

USA admiral: North Korea's actions 'recipe for disaster'

The North has been also trying to develop nuclear missiles, which will be able to carry nuclear loads to the U.S. mainland. Seoul also said the Pukguksong-2 missile used solid fuel, which is harder to produce than liquid fuel, but which is more stable and can be transported in the missile tank to allow for a swift launch.

Donald Trump flight from Saudi to Israel thought to be first ever

U.S. President Donald Trump responded to the bombing of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, Tuesday, calling the attackers and other terrorists "evil losers". Trump . After the press conference, Trump left Bethlehem in order to return to Jerusalem . "We are ready to open dialogue with our Israeli neighbors to build confidence and create a real opportunity for peace", he said after talks with Trump.

'Heinous Attack Upon Humanity': Trump Offers Condolences to Victims of UK Attack

Trump asserted that both Israel and the Palestinians are ready to pursue a peace agreement and reiterated his "personal commitment" to helping them achieve that goal. The committee called for effective action to save the lives of the hunger striking prisoners, especially as a large number of prisoners were moved to hospital.

Philippines: Duterte declares martial law in Mindanao amid clashes

Hapilon was spotted along with an estimated 15 fully armed members of the Maute group in the area earlier. The US government is offering a $5-million bounty for his capture. "I have to do it to preserve the republic". Marawi is about 800 kilometres south of Manila , the nation's capital. Several photos posted on social media by residents showed the gunmen walking through the streets of Marawi and placing a black flag that looked similar to those used by IS.