Trump's first foreign visit starts in Saudi Arabia, then Israel

When President Donald Trump set his hands on a glowing orb during his first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia , social media lit up with science fiction jokes. The resulting image is a ideal example of the freakish, troll-friendly White House that we're now enduring. Mr Trump's comments came a day after he urged Arab and Muslim leaders at a speech at a summit in Saudi Arabia to "work together to isolate Iran" unless it is "willing to be a partner for peace".

Pope welcomes Trump at the Vatican despite past disagreements

The two men, meting for the first time, shook hands . "I won't forget what you said", Trump told the pope . The encounter between the pope and first lady created what's being described as a "lost in translation" scenario: public media in Slovenia (where Melania Trump is from) report that the pope was asking about potica - a traditional sweet nut roll pastry from Eastern Europe.

Mitchell: Trump Trip Being Received 'Very, Very Well' in Middle East

Mitchell: Trump Trip Being Received 'Very, Very Well' in Middle East

Children were among the at least 22 people killed and dozens injured in the suspected suicide bombing on Monday night at a pop concert by U.S. star Ariana Grande in Britain's deadliest extremist attack in 12 years. "The city of peace welcomes the man of peace", it read. He also urged Israel to comply with "just and human demands" of hundreds of Palestinian hunger strikers now forgoing food for the 37th day in Israeli prisons.

United Kingdom security increased as Manchester attacker may not have acted alone

They provided no details on the individuals held. Just under 1,000 soldiers have already been deployed, initially in London , then elsewhere. The Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace, a draw for tourists, was canceled because it requires support from police officers, which authorities decided was not a good use of police resources given the threat level.

Indian forces targeted UNMOGIP vehicle at LoC

The video showed what looked like a forested area being bombed and smoke and fire billowing up after the explosion. However, the area of the operation was not clearly identifiable in the clip. " Pak Army has been providing support to armed infiltrators by engaging our forward troops from their weapon emplacements and pill-boxes closer to the Line of Control".

DOJ: No ethics conflict for special counsel in Russian Federation probe

The 2008 GOP presidential nominee said he respected Flynn's right to plead the Fifth Amendment in response to the Senate investigation. Should the administration assert privilege, such a claim could set off a separate fight, possibly threatening Comey's expected appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee.