Manchester police not sharing intelligence with USA after leaks

Salman Abedi , 22, was named the attacker and officials believe he acted alone. The prime minister will say a "strong, capable and united North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is at the heart of the security of each and every one of our nations", adding that "our unity against common threats is our most potent weapon".

US protests 'unprofessional' intercept of Offutt-based plane by Chinese jets

The US Air Force has slammed Chinese fighter pilots for an unprofessional manoeuvre involving a jet flying upside down to intercept an American plane. The WC-135, nicknamed the Constant Phoenix, is a radiation sniffer, a plane often used to collect information after North Korea tests a nuke. The US spy plane was forced to make an emergency landing on the island and China held the crew members for 11 days, sparking a major diplomatic standoff.

Burr: Senate Intel Panel Hasn't Received Response From Flynn on Honoring Subpoena

Mark Warner of Virginia, didn't immediately respond to calls and emails inquiring about the committee's next steps. Burr told reporters Thursday that Flynn's lawyer informed the panel he will not abide by a subpoena for private documents. Legal experts say it's doubtful Flynn would agree to turn over the personal documents. Since his ouster, Flynn has been one of the central figures in the case addressing potential collusion between the Kremlin and President Donald Trump's campaign.

Israel marks 50 years of 'united Jerusalem', but city struggles

The direct route that Air Force One took in transporting Trump from Riyadh to Tel Aviv symbolizes the axis that a consistent USA policy in the region could promote . But within the Palestinian sector, there's not much expectation for developments beyond statements. "There were very substantive discussions in Israel with both Netanyahu as well as Abbas".

Russia: Islamic State group 'prepared attacks' in Moscow

Russia: Islamic State group 'prepared attacks' in Moscow

The agency said the four were working under directions from IS in Syria to prepare attacks using self-made explosive devices. He said the FSB needed to improve work aimed at preventing such incidents as the April 3 terrorist attack in Russia's second largest city of St.

Trump Arrives in Israel, Says Israelis, Arabs Share 'Common Cause' Against Iran

Saad Al-Garni, an economist, said , "Thank you, King of decisions and development". He then tucked a prayer note into a deep crevice. And on the eve of Trump's visit , an Israeli official said Netanyahu's cabinet has approved confidence building measures with the Palestinians, including allowing building in a West Bank area.