Will One Belt One Road meeting end up as damp squib?

Will One Belt One Road meeting end up as damp squib?

The assets planned include ports, roads, and airports, and infrastructure for IT, telecom, etc. A much referred analysis by the global consultancy McKinsey suggests that the initiative has the potential to massively overshadow the US' post-war Marshall reconstruction plan, involving about 65 per cent of the world's population, one-third of its GDP and helping to move about a quarter of all its goods and services.

Trump says he never 'mentioned the word' Israel in meeting with Russians

The fund is Ivanka Trump's brainchild. "That's how we deal with this problem", al-Jubeir said. "The U.S. leaders should know that whenever we need a missile test because of a technical aspect, we will test", he said . "Palestinians, Abbas said, want to focus on building their institutions along with a "culture of peace and denouncing violence" while building bridges instead of walls".

British Police Make Two Further Arrests Over Manchester Attack

However, British authorities were left "furious" by repeated leaks of material shared with their US counterparts, which provides an awkward backdrop for Prime Minister Theresa May's meeting with US President Donald Trump at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels later Thursday.

PM Modi meets Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas

India was the first non-Arab state to recognise the Palestine Liberation Organisation as a legitimate representative of Palestinian people in 1974, and acknowledge it as a separate state in 1988. The Palestinian side has provided for the land required to build the proposed technopark. On his part, Abbas expressed his appreciation for India's continued support and solidarity for the Palestinian cause on worldwide forums.