President Trump: I 'Never Mentioned' Israel to the Russians

After being greeted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials, the group walked from Air Force One down a red carpet, where it appeared that Donald reached for his wife's hand, only to have her slap it away. Trump absolutely shared that information with the Russians. "Never mentioned it during that conversation", he boasted. "But with determination, compromise and the belief that peace is possible, Israelis and Palestinians can make a deal".

Trump calls on Israelis, Palestinians to compromise

Pollock also said the Palestinians may not make much of a fuss if Washington made a decision to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem - the city that is sacred to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In his four-day tour of the Middle East, President Donald Trump touted the "ultimate" peace deal. Trump intends to visit the Western Wall too, something past presidents have not done because of the political sensitivities.

Iran claims third underground missile production site built

Iran claims third underground missile production site built

He added that "enemies" want to put limit on Iran's missile capabilities, because they know this sphere has become Iran's effective power leverage and the country would continue development of its missile capabilities, according to Fars news agency.

Soldiers try to restore order in besieged Philippine city

Soldiers try to restore order in besieged Philippine city

At least one of those smaller groups, the Maute, was involved in the Marawi siege. He was not bearing arms. According to security services, the leader of the Abu Sayyaf extremist group, Isnilon Hapilon , is among those blocked in the apartment.

Latest N.Korean missile test reveal improved technology: Seoul

U.S. forces are lingering off the Korean Peninsula as tensions boil over the tyrant's repeated missile tests and talk of nuclear weapons. UNITED NATIONS North Korea's deputy United Nations envoy said on Friday "it is ridiculous" to link Pyongyang with the WannaCry "ransomware" cyber attack that started to sweep around the globe a week ago or the hacking of a U.N.

Venezuela's Maduro gives details of plan to rewrite charter

According to Lucena, Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE) has chose to hold the National Constituent Assembly elections in late July, while regional elections are scheduled to take place in December. Government opponents have argued that the assembly is a gambit to further marginalize the opposition under the guise of a democratic election. A protester writes the Spanish message: "Lacking: antibiotics, insulin, manidon" on a police barrier blocking anti-government protesters from ...