Emergency planning under way as junior doctors' strike action escalates

Some of Britain's most senior doctors have come together to demand an end to the strike action warning that it is putting patients at risk as junior doctors reveal three more five day strikes . "The public have the greatest sympathy for the medical profession and understand the hard job that they do, but this may take a step too far and could erode the public confidence and trust".

How Trump, Clinton immigration plans would affect the US

How Trump, Clinton immigration plans would affect the US

Trump's speech in Arizona had numerous same talking points as Clinton's speech. Figueroa came to this country as an undocumented citizen. The vice president added that he thinks the Democratic presidential candidate will "change to the realities of how complicated it's all become", referring to the ongoing controversy regarding "pay to play" allegations and lingering questions over whether foundation donors were given special access to Clinton when she was secretary of state.

Mexico's president is now feuding with Donald Trump on Twitter

Later that evening, Trump appeared in at a campaign rally in Phoenix where he went back to his old demagogue ways with a venomous policy speech that showed very little sign of a softening of his immigration stance. Mexico's president quoted Trump's tweet and responded, in Spanish, with a message along the lines of: "Repeating what I told you in person, Mr.

Syria rebels make gains in major offensive -- monitor

Syria rebels make gains in major offensive -- monitor

Activists in the area said rebels have seized 14 villages in the countryside of Hama from regime forces since August 29. The rebels reported five of their fighters, including two commanders, have been killed, while the Syrian military claimed "tens" of rebels killed in the strikes.

North Korea executes vice premier, says Seoul

It remains hard to independently verify reports of executions and purges in the secretive North. Education minister Kim Yong-Jin, 63, was shot by a firing squad after his "bad sitting posture" in parliament incurred the wrath of the 32-year-old tyrant.

Obama to Discuss With China Security, Fight Against Daesh at G20

Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Barack Obama shake hands during their meeting at the West Lake State Guest House in Hangzhou, China September 3, 2016. Xi said he hoped the announcement would benefit everyone. Earlier today, China's parliament ratified the agreement, with President Xi saying his country was "solemnly" committed to the deal.