Twitter is the only app on Trump's iPhone

Twitter is the only app on Trump's iPhone

It's Axios that first reported Trump's iPhone only has the one app. Actually, that's false. Anyone who's witnessed one of the early-morning presidential tweetstorms will know exactly what Trump has installed. During the campaign previous year and in the early days of his presidency, Trump often tweeted from an Android device that was described by The New York Times as "old, unsecured".

Defiant Iran to continue with missile programme

Defiant Iran to continue with missile programme

Final election results show that Rouhani has won a second term in office with increased Kurdish voter support in all five predominantly Kurdish provinces but Western Azerbaijan where around 64 percent voted for Rouhani as in the past election in 2013.

Trump arrives at European Union Headquarters

President Donald Trump's first appearance at a summit of the alliance's leaders. Recent terror attacks in Europe mean the USA leader may get the support he needs to strengthen the alliance's anti-terrorist efforts. The Republican president, midway through his first foreign trip since taking office, has basked in the glow of favorable receptions in Riyadh and Jerusalem, where leaders lauded his harsh words for Iran.

Trump called Federal Bureau of Investigation chief Comey 'a real nut job'

His testimony provides fuller details about Trump's sacking of the top law enforcement official probing whether his campaign colluded with the Russian government to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. That flies in the face of the White House's public insistence that Comey's dismissal was not linked to his ongoing investigation. He said Comey had assured him on three separate occasions that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was not investigating him.

'I didn't expect that to happen': father of Manchester bomber

She gave this statement to ABC News: "My mum was an unbelievable lady and wife to my dad Anthony, she cared so much for everybody and did anything for them she was a very elegant person and absolutely adored my son jayden and my child in expecting now".

Ariana Grande May Be Involved With Each Manchester Attack Victim's Funeral

Abedi had been in Libya in the weeks before the attack, and German magazine Focus, citing unnamed federal security source, reported that he passed through Duesseldorf airport four days before the bombing. Omar Alfa Khuri, who lives across the street, said he was awakened at 2:30 a loud noise and saw police take away the father of the family that lives there in handcuffs.