NYT Peddles Another Vacuous Story on the Russia-Trump Conspiracy

After Comey's abrupt removal and the disclosure of the former director's memos sparked questions about possible obstruction of justice, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed a special counsel , former FBI Director Robert Mueller, to oversee the FBI's Russian Federation investigation.

Chavez site set aflame in protest

The main goal of the ongoing protests was to create " a mess in our society " and violently oust Maduro instead of seeking new elections, the head of the commission for the National Constituent Assembly Elías José Jaua Milano told RT earlier this month, as the protest leaders are " not interested in taking part in the elections when the situation is politically, economically and socially stable ".

More Arrests in Connection with Deadly Manchester Arena Bombing

Other images show what could be a possible detonator, and a 12-volt battery. It was the work, reports Phillips, of a relatively sophisticated bomb-maker, with skills the suicide bomber is not thought to have possessed himself. Grande herself, who has returned to her hometown in Florida, tweeted the morning after the attack, which left 22 dead and 59 injured, "broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry.

Rosenstein Stands by Memo Critical of Comey

Rosenstein Stands by Memo Critical of Comey

The Washington Post reported that a senior Trump administration official is now a "person of interest" in the Russian Federation probe. Mueller is taking over a sprawling investigation into links between the Trump camp and Russian Federation from the former FBI director James Comey , who the president fired abruptly on May 9.

Manchester police stopped sharing info with US after leaks

Two arrests were made Thursday in and around Manchester . British police chiefs said the ongoing leaks are "undermining" their investigations and the UK's relations with United States security agencies as well as the confidence of terror victims.

French Minister: Manchester Attack Suspect Had 'Proven' ISIS Links

French Minister: Manchester Attack Suspect Had 'Proven' ISIS Links

Police said three men were arrested Wednesday in south Manchester , where a day earlier a 23-year-old man was also arrested and at least two homes were searched. Akram Ramadan, a member of the Libyan community in Manchester who attends the city's Didsbury Mosque, said Abedi was banned from the mosque after he allegedly interrupted an imam's anti-Islamic State sermon.