USA to Uphold Decision on Withdrawal From TPP

RCEP, which includes 10 members of ASEAN and their partners, including Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand, is seen as an alternative to the TPP. They can change the clause outlining ratification rules to allow the deal to move ahead. Can the U.S. come back? Even though Japan, Australia and New Zealand have pushed to effectuate the TPP at an early stage with 11 countries excluding the United States, the joint statement did not clarify whether the TPP will be put ...

Former Greek prime minister recovering from bombing

Papademos was appointed caretaker prime minister in November 2011 at the height of financial crisis with a mission to help his country stay in the euro zone. Papademos opened the envelope while he was travelling in his auto along with his driver. According to police sources, investigators were looking into possible links with the March attacks.

Senate Republicans consider steeper cuts to Medicaid

Their bill, the American Health Care Act , has come under withering attacks from almost all major healthcare groups, particularly providers. About 52 percent of republicans said it was a good idea, while 77 percent of Democrats believe it's a bad idea.

Trump travel ban blocked; fight now headed for Supreme Court

On May 25, 2017, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ruling that blocked President Trump's revised travel ban against six Muslim-majority countries. And the circuit court judges agreed that the travel ban appears to have constitutional problems because it discriminates on the basis of religion. The district court in Washington state had issued a nationwide injunction against enforcing the first executive order and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied the government's ...

Watch Melania Trump Slap Away Donald Trump's Hand

Watch Melania Trump Slap Away Donald Trump's Hand

The Daily Beast , for instance, blasted the headline: " Melania's Swat Proves She Hates Donald Just As Much As We Do ". One of the most talked about incidents was when Melania seemed to have a scowl on her face during husband Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony as the president of US.

Trump supports peaceful engagement on North Korea, Seoul envoy says

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hailed the launch on Sunday as a test of the "perfect weapon system" and capable of carrying "a large-size heavy nuclear warhead". "There was a basic exchange of opinions about North Korea's nuclear and missile provocations", Yoon said about the meeting between Chung and Pottinger.