Oil slips further Friday on disappointing OPEC meeting outcome

Accendo Markets Analyst, Mike van Dulken suggested - "The negative oil reaction to a 9-month OPEC production cut extension is a prime example of "buy the rumour, sell the fact". The price of Brent crude has since recovered slightly but is still trading over 3.5% down. With Russia and Saudi already having announced this last week, Opec should have delivered more this time by announcing deeper cut or longer time if they really wanted to balance the oil market and prop up the prices.

Jared Kushner's actions under scrutiny in Trump-Russia probe

Jared Kushner's actions under scrutiny in Trump-Russia probe

The White House acknowledged in March that Kushner met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the transition period last December. "Kushner previously volunteered to share with Congress what he knows about these meetings", Attorney Jamie Gorelick said in a statement on Thursday.

Re-elected Rouhani vows Iran's more interaction with world and 'no' to extremism

While in Riyadh, Trump pointed the finger at Iran for spreading instability and unrest across the Middle East while addressing the leaders of 55 Muslim-majority countries. "Which is why the Saudis will be appalled that a (comparatively) reasonable Iranian has won a (comparatively) free election that nearly none of the 50 dictators gathering to meet Trump in Riyadh would ever dare to hold", he writes at the Independent.

United Kingdom police arrest 9th man in concert bombing investigation

United Kingdom police arrest 9th man in concert bombing investigation

He said some of the reported 59 wounded had been discharged, but that the number of patients being treated had increased due to "walking wounded" who came in hours after the attack. "This is until such time as we have assurances that no further unauthorized disclosures will occur", said the counter-terrorism source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Attack on bus carrying Christians in Egypt

The assailants sprayed the bus headed for Saint Samuel monastery in Minya province with gunfire before fleeing, provincial governor Essam el-Bedawi told state television. Officials have labeled the shooting a terrorist attack, according to CNN . Egypt was placed under a state of emergency following the attacks, as ISIS promised more carnage.

Attack On Coptic Christians Kills At Least 23 In Egypt

Earlier on Friday unidentified gunmen rained with bullets a bus that was carrying pilgrims near the St. Samuel Monastery . Twenty-five others have been injured, and children are among the victims. It was the latest attack on Copts after Islamic State (IS) group militants bombed three churches in December and April, killing dozens of Christians.