Greg Gianforte wins the Montana US House special election

A large majority of votes, however, were cast through early ballots before Gianforte's altercation with Jacobs. "Last night, I made a mistake and I took an action that I can't take back, and I'm not proud of what happened". Outside groups poured about $5.6 million into the contest, while Democratic groups only jumped in with about $1 million to aid Quist. Montana has traditionally been a "Red State" in presidential elections, but it's not impossible for Democrats to win in the state.

Tehran mayor Qalibaf quits presidential race to back cleric Raisi

Rouhani and voting for him is equal to supporting the mighty Iranian nation", Jahangiri said . Since 1981, every Iranian president has won re-election. Qalibaf had been running for president for the third time after being defeated in the 2005 and 2013 votes. But it isn't clear that all Qalibaf's supporters will heed his call.

Comey knew Clinton email info was fake, created by Russia

The White House in March confirmed that Kushner and Michael Flynn, the ousted national security adviser, met with Kislyak at Trump Tower in December for what one official called a brief courtesy meeting. A government official told CNN Comey expressed his concerns to members of Congress in classified sessions about what could happen if the false email had been made public.

Massive landslide takes out California's famous Highway 1

Massive landslide takes out California's famous Highway 1

California had already shut a part of Highway 1 down for roads work to fix the damages that fell on the area due to California flood that happened decades ago. "A lot of Big Sur is moving; you just don't see it". Fortunately, this stretch of highway had already been closed due to other slides, so no injuries were reported.

FBI's Probe Into Russian Meddling Sets Sight On Kushner

FBI's Probe Into Russian Meddling Sets Sight On Kushner

According to both reports , Mr Trump's first national security advisor Michael Flynn was present at the meeting , held at Trump Tower in NY. The inquiry is the deepest into Trump's inner circle yet, though it is not yet clear if Kushner is under criminal investigation himself.

Rouhani urges U.S. to drop 'hostile' policies towards Iran

He said people in the United States would not be willing "to exchange what they lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks for certain sums and then forgive those acts". "The Americans do not know our region, that's what the catch is", Rouhani said in response to a question from The Associated Press. Mr Rouhani stressed that it was Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians and members of Lebanon's Hezbollah movement who had been fighting terrorists in the Middle East in recent years, and accused the U.S.