Russian Amb. said Kushner wanted secret communications backchannel

Russian Amb. said Kushner wanted secret communications backchannel

Everything we've learned these past few weeks as it relates to the FBI's investigation into Russian Federation is noteworthy, but it can be caveated with a reasonable explanation from the Trump White House . The contacts between Trump campaign associates and Russian officials during the presidential campaign coincided with what United States intelligence agencies concluded was a Kremlin effort through computer hacking, fake news and propaganda to boost Mr Trump'€™s chances of winning the ...

Ex-ambassador: Russia is a 'dark cloud' for Trump's administration

The revelation that Jared Kushner's meetings with Russians are under scrutiny brings the federal investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election to Trump's inner circle. The December meeting was also attended by Michael Flynn , Trump's former national security adviser, who resigned after just 25 days on the job and who is at the centre of the FBI's Russian Federation probe into whether there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

FBI Russia Probe Looking at Kushner Role

Yet despite all that briefing, Mr Kushner was joined by Mr Flynn in a meeting with Mr Kislyak at Trump Tower and-if the Post is right-not only placed his trust in the Russian ambassador, but asked him to help hoodwink American officials. James Comey - who was sacked from his post as FBI director by Trump this month - told a congressional committee in March that the Federal Bureau of Investigation also was investigating "whether there was any coordination" with Trump's campaign.

Iran President Hassan Rouhani Blasts Trump's Saudi Summit

The US should drop its "hostile" policies towards Iran , the country's re-elected President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday. Now that the nuclear deal is done and he has a second term, it is time for Mr. "We know what we are doing", Rouhani told CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer. His record in offering more civil liberties fell short of expectations as young Iranians are still waiting for meaningful changes in the clergy-defined social order.

Britain resumes data sharing with USA after 'assurances' over leaks

The UK terror threat level remains " critical ", meaning another attack could be imminent and additional Army and armed police officers are patrolling major sites, including the transport network, across the UK. Meanwhile, with the United Kingdom general election campaign due to resume today, Jeremy Corbyn has signalled his intention to bring the issue of terrorism into the political arena.

Lucky Man Utd just waited and kicked it long - Ajax captain

Lucky Man Utd just waited and kicked it long - Ajax captain

An explosion at Manchester Arena on Monday killed 22 people and injured 59, and the British government has subsequently raised the national threat level from severe to critical. Juan Mata dedicated the win to the victims of the terrorist attack at Manchester Arena. Lots of people will say because it give direct qualification for Champions League football next season.