Youth Congress protests against three years of Modi government

Prime minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated the country's longest river bridge - the Dhola- Sadiya Bridge - in Assam. Addressing a rally in Guwahati on Friday, Modi said that people earlier used to elect a government and "fall asleep".

US Admits Killing at Least 105 Civilians in Mosul Strike

Matthew Isler. The investigation found that two ISIS snipers had positioned themselves on the building and fired on Iraqi forces , who then called in a USA airstrike. But critics feel this airstrike, and the devastating consequences, reveals the US has been reckless with its use of airpower in congested urban areas like Mosul , particularly since Donald Trump became president .

Six die on Everest in past month

Yearwood, 50, a doctor at Georgiana Medical Center in Alabama, was part of a team led by American climber Daniel Mazur for the expedition firm SummitClimb, according to its Nepal-based partner, Murari Sharma. In 2015, Amrita Yearwood described the anguished wait for word of her then-husband's fate after an quake shook Everest while he and dozens of other people were attempting to climb the mountain.

Trump administration officially starts NAFTA renegotiation

Under Trade Promotion Authority, which Congress approved in June 2015 and which covers trade agreements reached before July 1, 2018, the administration is required to give lawmakers 90-days' notice prior to entering talks on a trade deal that would require changes in USA law needed to comply with the agreement.

Cloud Computing Wins Preakness Stakes

Cloud Computing Wins Preakness Stakes

The consensus was that while it is disappointing there will not be a Triple Crown victor this year, the entire day of racing and Cloud Computing's exciting late run to pass champion Classic Empire showcased the best of the horse industry.

Watch Trump strut his stuff into prime position

Watch Trump strut his stuff into prime position

Trump said: "Twenty-three of 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they are supposed to be paying for their defence". The handshake lasted six seconds, and the 39-year-old Frenchman held his own. Sicily is the fifth and final stop on the first worldwide trip Trump has taken since he became president in January.