"Mr Chaos" Trump To Talk Middle East Peace During Stopover In Israel

The Palestinian prisoners' affairs committee also called for a "day of rage" on Tuesday, when Trump visits the West Bank, for "the voice of the prisoners to be heard by the president". British officials have said they are treating the blast as an act of terrorism. They wanted to avoid sending a signal that the US recognizes Israeli sovereignty in that very sensitive spot.

Brazil's Temer faces pressure from allies to step down

I repeat: "I will not resign", he announced angrily, wagging his finger repeatedly in a brief, televised statement to the nation. After allegations that Brazilian President Temer may be involved in a corruption case, the Brazilian real has gone into freefall.

Trump's views on Paris climate agreement 'evolving,' top adviser says

Trump has made virtually no public remarks about the G-7 other than a tweet Friday: "Getting ready to engage G-7 leaders on many issues including economic growth, terrorism , and security". Trump said he supports free and fair trade, the officials said. European Union nations are eager for a clear US pledge "to fight all forms of protectionism", said the diplomat, who declined to be named.

Trump's views on climate 'evolving' amid push from Europeans

Trump's views on climate 'evolving' amid push from Europeans

French President Emmanuel Macron, Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni and British Prime Minister Theresa May will also be attending the elite club for the first time. Trump has pushed back against such statements, arguing that trade must be balanced, fair and free. If 10-12 years from now Congress still has done nothing, and EPA tries a 115 approach, and it gets to the Supreme Court, five justices or more might say, look, Congress has done nothing.

Manchester police stop sharing information with U.S. over leaks

Hopkins confirmed on Thursday that eight men remain in custody and a woman who was arrested yesterday has been released. Manchester police said that they would no longer share details of the investigation with their USA counterparts, and the city's top police official, Chief Constable Ian Hopkins, noted that the disclosure "has caused much distress for families that are already suffering terribly with their loss", the BBC reports .

At NATO Summit Macron Dodges Trump And Hugs Merkel Instead

At NATO Summit Macron Dodges Trump And Hugs Merkel Instead

Whether you call it the "alpha male handshake" or the " yank and pull", President Donald Trump's handshake has grabbed the world's attention. During the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit, French president Emmanuel Macron thwarted President Trump's aggressive handshake Thunderdome , much to the world's amusement.