NYPD Officer Attacked by Man With Cleaver, Suspect Shot

He has more than a dozen prior arrests and was upset about a police boot that had been placed on his auto, sources said. It's believed an off-duty detective got into an altercation with the attacker before he was struck in the face by the cleaver.

Oil exec pretended to be Elon Musk to get inside info: suit

Fortunately, Wheeler did not disclose any information. "However, it is clear that unsubstantiated allegations of an alleged conspiracy among Quest Integrity , Team Industrial Services or our major oil company clients are absurd", the company's general counsel, Butch Bouchard, said in an e-mail.

US, Israel sign massive military aid deal; $38B, 10 years

Instead, like all other recipients of American military aid, Israel will only be able to buy from American military manufacturers. Israeli and American negotiators have been wrangling for months over the deal, with public flare-ups. Graham said in a statement . "This commitment to Israel's security has been unwavering and is based on a genuine and abiding concern for the welfare of the Israeli people and the future of the State of Israel".

Aid lorries bound for Aleppo stuck in no-man's land

The United Nations said 20 trucks loaded with a month's worth of food for 40,000 people were waiting at the Turkish border for delivery to Aleppo but were still unable to enter Syria. Syrian children play in the street in the rebel-controlled town of Hamouria as they celebrate the third day of the Al-Adha Eid Muslim holiday on the second day of an internally backed ceasefire on September 14, 2016.

Bill Clinton to leave board of foundation health project

Her doctors later announced she had been diagnosed with pneumonia last week, which Clinton did not publicly disclose. We're told the donors have already shelled out the money and received Secret Service clearance. "I have proved that I'm not adverse to apologizing for things that I think were wrong". She's trying to get the third term. Bill Clinton , 70, told CBS that he feels that he is in good health.

US Set to Provide Israel with Largest Military Aid Package Ever

US Set to Provide Israel with Largest Military Aid Package Ever

The Israeli and US governments issued a joint statement announcing the deal without providing details. Israel's acting National Security Advisor, and Tom Shannon (R), U.S. This would keep Congress from giving more money than President Obama intends in the deal. Last week, the U.S. was incensed by a video Mr Netanyahu released in which he equated criticism of settlement-building to support for "ethnic cleansing".