G7 leaders divided on climate change, closer on trade issues

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni also said six of the Group of Seven leaders remained split on climate change with their US counterpart this Saturday. Differences over trade and Russian Federation have also arisen in talks. "The contrast was remarkable: for this first time I can think of, we saw an American president who is more at home among Arab monarchs than democratic European allies".

Ariana Grande will return to Manchester next week

Rowley said "immense" progress had been made into the investigation into Salman Abedi who killed 22 at a concert in Manchester on Monday but there were still important lines to follow, Sky reported. Police said on Friday that they have "got hold of a large part" of the network linked to the attack. British authorities are angry that photos showing the bomb's detonator, battery, and some shrapnel from the bomb were published by the New York Times .

After leak, United Kingdom stops sharing bombing intelligence with US

One U.K. official told The Journal that May talked to Trump about the leak at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meeting in Brussels . The decision to stop sharing police information with United States agencies was an extraordinary step as Britain sees the USA as its closest ally on security and intelligence.

Trump Shoves Aside Montenegro Leader - Who Calls It Natural

Trump Shoves Aside Montenegro Leader - Who Calls It Natural

Cajoled on issues like climate change and NATO's defense pact, he's responded by scolding some of the United States' most loyal allies for not paying their fair share. "He is fully committed", Spicer said. "It depends whether you believe that America has a role to play in global security", Nixey said. When Trump tried to lighten the mood with a joke about NATO's gleaming new home base - "I never asked once what the new NATO Headquarters cost" - there was no laughter from his ...

Trump wants to leave Paris climate deal, sources say

President Obama helped negotiate the historic Paris Agreement in 2015, and it was officially ratified by the USA and 194 other signatories a year ago. Secretary of Defense James Mattis told CBS Face the Nation , in an interview set to air on Sunday, that he sat in on some policy discussions on the issue while in Brussels and that President Trump is "wide open on this issue as he takes in the pros and cons of that accord".

Bomber radicalised in Manchester, rapper claims

A British official told Fox News that May plans to raise the issue to Trump during their meeting at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit. The Financial Times reported that such images are available across a restricted-access encrypted special worldwide database used by government ordnance and explosives experts in about 20 countries allied with Britain.