16 bodies found were civilians fleeing militants — Philippines military

But the recent bloodshed in Marawi has raised fears that extremism is growing as smaller militant groups unify and align themselves with the Islamic State group. Cooperation between Islamist militants, criminals and corrupt politicians is common across Mindanao, where a Muslim separatist rebellion has claimed more than 120,000 lives since the 1970s.

Trump Orders Investigation of Leaks

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said she would be confronting Trump directly at the summit following the publication of forensic photographs from the site of Monday night's bombing in the New York Times , subsequently published elsewhere including ABC News.

Report Alleges Jared Kushner Wanted Secret Communications Channel With Russia

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump headed home early from President Donald Trump's global trip, and the official line was that Kushner had worked on the first three stops and wasn't an integral player as the agenda moved on. "It's both normal, in my opinion, and acceptable", Kelly said. Asked if such communications were a big deal, Kelly said: "any time you have channels of communication with a country, particularly one like Russian Federation, I wouldn't criticize it".

Iraq's slow grind to retake IS-held Mosul

O'Brien, adding that in the context of Mosul , where ISIL fighters are known to be using human shields in densely-populated neighbourhoods, parties to the conflict must take all feasible precautions to protect civilian lives. Iraqi forces in October kicked off an offensive to retake the city. Female fighters have been a prominent topic in the ongoing war against ISIS. US -backed Iraqi forces launched a broad attack on the final districts held by the Islamic State (IS) militant group in ...

Korea fired shots at birds, not balloon carrying leaflets

He said Japan is talking to the U.S., South Korea, and close neighbors Russian Federation and China to make sure pressure on the North is continued "and even strengthened so that North Korea will change its policy". That came a week after North Korea tested what it said was a new type of rocket capable of carrying a large nuclear warhead. "The Trump administration would be well advised to lend an ear to the voices of concern that are heard from the US and the global community", North ...

2000 trapped as fighting rages in Philippine city

There have been Muslim separatists in the region for decades, but recently groups have been aligning with ISIS . Most of the city's 200,000 residents have fled because of the fighting, but the 2,000 remain trapped in areas controlled by the militants, according to Mr Zia Alonto Adiong, spokesman for the provincial crisis management committee.