Iran accuses United States of arming 'dangerous terrorists', spreading 'Iranophobia'

Rouhani's political foes have less interest in blocking the new contract now that he's won a new term, said Sara Vakhshouri, president of Washington, D.C. Maybe they think they need to buy arms but we do not need to buy them, we make arms. "That's the problem. Those who are advising the Americans are unfortunately rulers who deviate America with unsound advice or buy some influence in the USA with their money", he said.

Iran refutes USA for urging policy shift

Iran's effort to attract about $100 billion to develop more than 50 oil and natural gas fields bogged down ahead of the May 19 presidential election . Indeed, rather than vote for either candidate, many Iranians boycotted the sham elections. Iran called on Washington on Monday to abandon its "warmongering policy, intervention, Iranophobia and sales of risky and useless weapons to the main sponsors of terrorism", according to state-run Press TV .

United States to quit Paris climate deal: Trump tells 'confidants'

The leaders issued a collective statement at the close of the talks, saying that they have committed to "strengthening our collective energy security and ensuring open, transparent, liquid, and secure global markets for energy resources and technologies".

Kushner proposed secret communications with Russian Federation

Kushner proposed secret communications with Russian Federation

According to The Washington Post , the Russian Ambassador was alarmed by such a proposal from Kushner, who is now the senior most advisor to President Trump and has played a key role in his trips to Saudi Arabia and Israel and Palestine.