Syria: US, Russia trade blows as strikes go on

Hundreds of civilians have been killed; as many as half are children. The interview on Mayadeen TV came as rescue workers in Aleppo cleaned up from what they said were the worst airstrikes on rebel-held areas of the northern city in five years.

UK Labour leader Corbyn says he plans no purge of critics

UK Labour leader Corbyn says he plans no purge of critics

However, the shadow of deselection still hangs over dissenting MPs despite their leader insisting that the "vast majority" will have no problems as local parties choose candidates for new and altered constituencies created by the redrawing of boundaries.

European Union says Gabon court failed to address poll 'anomalies'

Mr Ping accused the Constitutional Court of "bias (and) miscarriage of justice" following a ruling early on Saturday that upheld Mr Bongo's disputed victory in the August 27 presidential election. His decision comes after the constitutional court declared him the victor of the disputed election in August. Ping based his court appeal on the voter tally in Bongo's home province, Haut-Ogooue.

French president vows to shut down Calais camp this year

Hollande, visiting one of France's 164 migrant reception centers in the central city of Tours, said conditions in the Calais camp are " not acceptable " and "extremely hard", especially for those who fled war to get there. So Britain is funding a wall to prevent migrants from sneaking onto trucks heading for Britain. He said French authorities were making available around 9,000 places at "reception and orientation centers" in other parts of the country.

United Nations takes no action after arguments over Aleppo

Ambassador Vitaly Churkin. European Union foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini joined the foreign ministers of France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA on Saturday (24 September) in ordering Russian Federation to take "extraordinary steps" to bring about a truce in its ally Syria.