Pokemon GO update fixes security hole

The augmented reality game required using either a pokemon .com or Google account. Originally the permissions granted to Pokémon Go allowed it full access to your Google account (provided that's what you signed up with, and not the Pokémon Trainer Club).

Pokémon Go is getting a trading update to effectively consume your life

That's an insane amount of apps to sort through and can be hard to find what is best for you searching through your small display on your smartphone . Now, less than 24 hours after Niantic made that promise, the update is live, and limits asked-for info to just "Know who you are on Google" and "View your email address".

Bernie Sanders Sells Out, Endorses Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders Sells Out, Endorses Hillary Clinton

But while Sanders is now officially on the Clinton train, some of his supporters are refusing to join him. Not all in attendance in Portsmouth were supportive of the joining of forces; some Sanders loyalists held signs vowing not to join him in crossing over.