Merkel spokesman: Germany will keep strengthening ties to US

U.S. -German relations "are a strong pillar of our foreign and security policy, and Germany will continue working to strengthen these relations", Seibert said. "As we begin the negotiations about leaving the EU, we will be able to reassure Germany and other European countries that we are going to be a strong partner to them in defence and security and, we hope, in trade", Britain's interior minister Amber Rudd told BBC radio.

Will Labour's radical policies win over voters?

Will Labour's radical policies win over voters?

The boost for Mr Corbyn's party comes amid a gradual rise in Labour's polling numbers since the start of the campaign. Although he accepted that the party was likely to suffer a historic defeat he stopped short of setting... things can happen. Corbyn said a Labor government would pay for increased spending by "asking the better-off and the big corporations to pay a little bit more".

MI5 reviewing practices after Manchester attack

MI5 reviewing practices after Manchester attack

Abedi, 22, was listed at the property along with his older brother, Ismail , who was arrested shortly after the terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert and remains in police custody. "This is a review that would seek to answer whether there are lessons to be learned from how the Security Service handled the intelligence on Abedi", the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Reuters .

Europe Must Take Fate Into Own Hands: Merkel

However, Trump in the end refused to endorse it, saying he needed more time to decide. Since then, with the election of pro-European Emmanuel Macron as French president, Merkel sees an opportunity to strengthen the French-German motor of European integration, while the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

Expanded laptop ban could cover half a million travelers a day

If the USA does impose a wider ban on electronics in flights, it is likely that other countries - such as the United Kingdom - would follow suit, as was the case with the initial ban. On the same day, the United Kingdom put up a similar travel ban. We recently heard reports that an extension to cover flights departing the USA was being considered as well.

North Korea showed China 'disrespect' by firing missile

Japan's prime minister vowed to take "specific action" after North Korea launched another missile that plunged into the Sea of Japan, the latest provocation from the regime's bellicose leader Kim Jong Un . Although the missiles sometimes explode shortly after launch, the North Koreans have had a surprisingly good success rate, said Shea Cotton, an expert at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation in California.