Christian group urges Trump to move embassy to Jerusalem

Christian group urges Trump to move embassy to Jerusalem

In Israel , even little children are the targets of the Islamic supremacist regime governing the Palestinians. Mr Abbas reiterated his call for a two-state solution to the conflict, including a Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital, insisting that "our problem is not with the Jewish religion, it's with the occupation and settlements , and with Israel not recognising the state of Palestine ".

Riverina muslims are observing Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar

One easy but essential thing that non-Muslims can do for Muslims during Ramadan is to participate in interfaith iftar events that may be held at mosques or community centers during this month. Are you glad to see Google providing such a great service to Muslims during Ramadan? Who can fast in Ramadan? Muslims here received the arrival of Ramadan gladly by offering tarawih prayer and then eating Sheri meal before fajr prayer early on Sunday.

#AskMay: Twitter grills Prime Minister ahead of Jeremy Corbyn debate

Student Soraya Bouazzaoui put Mr Cameron on the spot when she accused him of relying on fear to win support for remaining in the EU. Labour leader Corbyn and Conservative PM May outlined their distinctive visions of Brexit during interviews with Jeremy Paxman on Monday evening, hosted by Sky News and Channel 4.

NZ relief following floods in Sri Lanka

Over 400,000 people have been affected by the torrential rain and strong winds that started on May 24 and over 100,000 people were relocated, Xinhua news agency reported . More than 4,500 houses were destroyed of partially damaged, according to initial estimates. "Many homes and roads were inundated". On Saturday, a Lanka Air Force airman, Y M S Yaparatne, 37, died while carrying out relief operations in the Galle district as he fell off from the helicopter.

Ariana Grande's manager: 'Fear can not rule the day'

Dad Stephen recalled the moment the bomb went off. When you look into the audience at my shows, you see a handsome, diverse, pure, happy crowd. The foursome then moved away from the stadium, putting as much distance between them and the venue as possible, moving through the back streets of a odd city, concentrating on staying together.