Panama dictator Manuel Noriega dies aged 83

Noriega was held in a medically induced coma after suffering brain hemorrhaging in March. In 2010, after a three-year legal battle over his extradition, he was transferred to France to face trial on laundering drug money. According to the BBC , Noriega was once a key ally with the United States. "The Panamanian people have already overcome this period of dictatorship".

Taiwan's top court rules in favour of gay marriage

The court said Taiwan's current Civil Code, which says an agreement to marry could only be made between a man and a woman, "violated" the constitution's guarantees of freedom of marriage and people's equality. Taiwan is now the first Asian nation to recognize same-sex marriage after a years-long push from gay rights activist. Hundreds of gay-right supporters burst into cheers when they heard the ruling Wednesday afternoon.

Very good interaction with Chancellor Angela Merkel: PM Narendra Modi

Very good interaction with Chancellor Angela Merkel: PM Narendra Modi

On Sunday, after a few days of summits with Trump and other Western leaders, Merkel effectively threw up her hands and gave up on him. On Thursday, Trump did not explicitly promise to protect America's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies if they came under attack, instead alleging 23 out of the 28-member nations owed "massive amounts of money" to USA taxpayers.

Conservative caucus embraces new leader Scheer; calls on MPs, rivals to unite

The political stakes have changed though for the Liberals, said Conservative strategist Alise Mills, who noted Scheer is younger than Trudeau, and with more experience than the prime minister had when he took over the Liberal party. Rodriguez says Scheer can run but he can't hide form the so-cons. Unlike Scheer, they wore their values on their sleeves during the race, said Conacher.

Donald Trump angered by White House leaks

The Republican president returned to the White House after a nine-day trip to the Middle East and Europe that ended on Saturday (May 27) to face more questions about alleged communications between Jared Kushner and Russia's ambassador to Washington.

India's limits on selling cattle could hurt industry, diets

New rules which took effect Friday require that cattle traders pledge that any cows or buffaloes sold are not intended for slaughter. Indian meat traders, in association with other associate industry bodies, are now planning to approach the Supreme Court to seek a repeal of the government's order.