Lockdown lifted at Texas air base after 'security incident'

Authorities at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland on Tuesday directed personnel in some areas of the base to stay inside until further notified. All initial sweeps and secondary sweeps of the affected areas have proved negative and base lockdown has been lifted.

Four Killed, Eight Wounded In Military Training Accident In South China Sea

Going back to his speech at the PCGA, Duterte lambasted the officials under his predecessor, Pres. Benigno Aquino particularly former Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert Del Rosario, who is now constantly criticizing his administration. "We have a very open attitude to normal exchanges between various countries", she said when asked for China's reaction to the joint naval exercise of India and Singapore .

No deal in Brexit talks an option: UK's May

And like Mr Corbyn, she would not commit to an "exit bill" figure she would be prepared to pay as the United Kingdom leaves the EU. Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn faced tough questions and a skeptical audience in a live TV event Monday night ahead of next week's parliamentary elections.

New Ecuador leader says 'hacker' Assange can stay at embassy

New Ecuador leader says 'hacker' Assange can stay at embassy

The President's comments are at odds with his predecessor and mentor Rafael Correa, who had said Mr Assange was a " journalist " and granted him asylum in London five years ago to avoid extradition to Sweden over rape allegations. In April, Moreno won the presidential election in Ecuador before assuming office on May 24. The war of words between Assange and Moreno came after Assange sent out a series of tweets last week implying that he would expose any corruption he came upon within the ...

Theresa May protest song 'liar liar' hits No 1 on iTunes

Theresa May protest song 'liar liar' hits No 1 on iTunes

Performed by London-based Captain Ska , the song titled " Liar Liar " features excerpts from speeches and interviews by the Conservative Party leader, which are placed adjacent to facts pointing to the contrary. "We want to build. that deep and special partnership with the European Union that remains, because we're leaving the EU but we're not leaving Europe", May said when asked about Merkel's comments.

Former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega dies at 83, president says

Noriega came to power in 1983, after taking command of the Panamanian army. Bush justified the invasion by saying, among other things, that the Panamanian leader had declared war on the United States first, that he had made Panama a haven for drug dealers and that he had endangered open shipping channels through the Panama Canal .