North Korea leader Kim supervises missile test of new guidance system - KCNA

Interestingly, the United States president had put forward a similar view - of North Korea disrespecting China - after an earlier missile test , too, to express his disapproval of Pyongyang. According to analysts the test gave North Korea critical information on developing a re-entry vehicle for nuclear warheads and showed Pyongyang had a missile capable of striking the USA territory of Guam.

Patrick, Straus deadlocked over 'bathroom bill'

Garnet Coleman, D-Houston, who earlier in the week slammed the door on House Bill 4180, which had ended up with a Senate bathroom amendment he couldn't live with. Patrick, at a news conference later with senators, similarly blamed the House. He said House members overseeing the sunset process passed only seven of the 10 sunset bills needed to keep agencies open, while the Senate approved all 10.

Germany says Merkel's suggestion 'speaks for itself'

Terrible", he reportedly said . "Terrible. We will stop this". But climate is a longtime concern for Merkel, who first made her mark in the 1990s shepherding an global accord on the environment. Trip was a great success for America. But Merkel apparently thought differently. "Of course we need to have friendly relations with the United States and with the UK and with our other neighbours, including Russian Federation", she said.

Sri Lankan government sends rescue team to flood prone areas

Sri Lankan government sends rescue team to flood prone areas

The weather has begun to clear, and numerous more than 100,000 people, evacuated over the weekend, had returned home to clear debris and mud from their waterlogged homes. Sri Lanka has already appealed for worldwide assistance from the United Nations and neighboring countries. The flood cut off access to many rural parts of the country.

Trump marks Memorial Day with Arlington visit

Trump marks Memorial Day with Arlington visit

Making a special recognition to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly , a retired general, Trump offered his thoughts to the Kelly family for their son, who died in Afghanistan . Their legacy will endure forever". Bob Dole and his wife, former Sen. "To every Gold Star family, God is with you". "I believe that God has a special place in heaven for those who laid down their lives so that others may live free".

BC NDP and Greens to release details of their power-sharing deal

Liberal government is defeated in a confidence vote in the legislature, or she decides to resign as party leader. She will now leave office. "I think we've got some soul-searching to do as well", Shypitka said, "and I think British Columbians have to see what the conditions and the details of the arrangement between the BC Greens and the NDP".