Wondering why you're seeing the word 'covfefe' everywhere this morning?

Wondering why you're seeing the word 'covfefe' everywhere this morning?

The misspelled, non-English word " covfefe " became a trending topic on Twitter. More than 110,000 people have retweeted the tweet, and it earned its own hashtag. At the time of writing, it's been untouched for 1 hour. One could assume that Trump was meaning to tweet about "press coverage", but. But unlike Tharoor who used a proper but rarely used word, the " covfefe " is result of Donald Trump's typing skills.

May, Corbyn set out opposing Brexit stances

Mrs May had Mr Corbyn in her sights as she launched a personal attack on his record and ability during a speech in Wolverhampton. May said that while she was ready for negotiations set to start 11 days after the June 8 vote, the Labour leader would "find himself alone and naked in the negotiating chamber of the European Union ".

Fake media prevent Americans from hearing real story

After returning late Saturday from his first foreign trip as president, Mr Trump geared up to combat concerns over his advisers' ties to Russian Federation, including explosive reports about Jared Kushner , his indispensable aide-de-camp.

Philippines lawmakers want debate on martial law amid siege

Hapilon escaped and militants called for reinforcements and around 100 gunmen loyal to him entered the mostly Muslim city, torching buildings and taking hostages. Suganob at the time in order to help make their demands clear. He added, "Do not use violence, because your enemies, they are ready to die for their religion.