Ex-Portuguese PM set to be new United Nations chief

Ban said he considers Guterres to be a "superb choice" to lead the UN, having worked closely together during his "long and outstanding service" as UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Media reports also say China is eyeing the top United Nations peacekeeping post, leveraging the country's growing contributions to the operations in recent years.

Instagram account says creepy clowns are coming to Pasadena, Whittier

Instagram account says creepy clowns are coming to Pasadena, Whittier

Achoo says if the hype from creepy clown sightings doesn't come to an end, so could his career. "There will always be people who are afraid of clowns". Including details about the clown makeup? According to a report by The New York Times, 12 arrests connected to clown-related hoaxes have been made in a number of states.

Thai officials: Activist Joshua Wong sent back to Hong Kong

The deputy commander of Suvarnabhumi Airport's immigration office, Pruthipong Prayoonsiri, said at a news conference that Wong was blacklisted after China asked the Thai government to deny him entry, according to a report in The Nation newspaper.

UKIP lawmaker moved to neurological unit after fight

A friend of Mr Hookem reportedly said: "In the meeting, Mr Woolfe told Mike they should "go outside and deal with this man on man". Mr Woolfe collapsed about two hours after the incident and lost consciousness outside the European Union legislature's chamber after taking part in votes.

Brexit fears send pound to new 31-year low

THE fact that the mere announcement of the Brexit timetable by Prime Minister Theresa May seemed to be enough to send the pound tumbling should be a cause for very significant concern. The UK's exit from the European Union has loomed large over the four-day conference, which began with Mrs May confirming the timing of the UK's formal Brexit trigger, which will happen before March 2017.

Votes on Raising New Jersey Gas Tax Delayed Until Friday

Gov. Chris Christie and the Democratic-controlled state legislature announced a deal last week to raise gas taxes to 37.5 cents a gallon from 14.5 cents - the first increase in almost 30 years. The tax increase would bring New Jersey gas prices roughly in line with the national average of $2.23 a gallon. The compromise tax package comes after years of growing concern about the future of funding for a declining transportation network and after months of political wrangling.