Pentagon: ICBM intercept test a success

Jim Syring said in a statement. "I was confident before the test that we had the capability to defeat any threat that they would throw at us, and I'm even more confident today after seeing the intercept test yesterday, that we continue to be on that course", Syring said.

Donald Trump's midnight tweet turns #covfefe into viral meme

It seems as though Trump was typing out "coverage", but it's unclear what happened. In mid-December, Mr Trump tweeted "unpresidented" instead of "unprecedented". Trump has been criticized in the past for spelling errors and typos, but Heavy asked the question about the why and how of this particular oops and what he was trying to say so late at night that couldn't wait until morning.

Iran condemns two ISIS bombings in Iraq's capital

Responding to the attacks, Iraqi Interior Minister Qasim Mohammad al-Araji said authorities would "track (ISIS) down wherever they may be". Hours later a second vehicle bomb exploded near one of Baghdad's main bridges, killing 11 people and wounding at least 41.

Chrissy Teigen Trolled Trump After His Viral "Covfefe" Tweet And It's Everything

And that was it. #Covfefe quickly became a trending topic, and a quick check on GoDaddy revealed the domain name was already taken. Long-time Trump nemesis Rosie O'Donnell wrote: "hello - donald did u have a stroke - someone check on him - @potus @IvankaTrump - dad has half tweeted about covfefe HE NEEDS HELP -#CHECK".

Waiting for Trump to decide about the climate deal

Waiting for Trump to decide about the climate deal

For the U.S., it could well mean loss of jobs, the very argument Trump has been taking on his campaign trail to justify his possible withdrawal from Paris. He was speaking after US President Donald Trump refused to join other leaders of the G7 group of rich nations in reaffirming support for the accord.