German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her political rival united against Trump

Merkel appeared to rebuke Mr. Trump in remarks on Sunday in which she urged the European Union to stick together in the face of weakening US support. German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday stressed the importance of Berlin's transatlantic alliance with the USA, but said that her country must engage with other nations.

Strong, swift UN reaction to Trump on climate

Alternatively, the president could pursue a faster course, by dropping out of an underlying treaty, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC ). Climate Action Tracker, a competing computer simulation team, put the effect of the US pulling out somewhere between 0.1 to 0.2 degrees Celsius (0.18 to 0.36 Fahrenheit) by 2100.

Vehicle bomb struck diplomatic area of Afghan Capital killing 80

Vehicle bomb struck diplomatic area of Afghan Capital killing 80

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing but both the Taliban and the Islamic State group have staged large-scale attacks in the Afghan capital in the past. "Travel to all areas of Afghanistan remains unsafe due to the ongoing risk of kidnapping, hostage taking, military combat operations, landmines, banditry, armed rivalry between political and tribal groups, militant attacks, direct and indirect fire, suicide bombings, and insurgent attacks, including attacks using ...

EU, China to reaffirm support for climate pact

EU, China to reaffirm support for climate pact

Trump tweeted on the heels of the reports that he was still deciding, and a White House spokeswoman did not immediately clarify his position. Answering a student's question on how the United States can address climate change when its president has threatened to back out of the accord , Guterres said, "If someone leaves a void, I guarantee someone will fill it".

USA places Venezuela Supreme Court justices on sanctions list

But they said the ultimate goal is to bring about a positive change in behavior and encourage these individuals to "change their ways and contribute to Venezuelan society". Moreno, while not directly involved in those decisions, has defended them and from the bench also upheld a almost 14-year sentence for opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez a day after Trump called for his release at a White House meeting with Lopez's wife.

Trump Appears to Shove NATO Leader to Get to Front of Group

Not only do his comments make waves - the latest case in point being how he told North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member countries to "finally contribute their fair share" - but his actual, in-person behaviour as well. Mr. Markovic seems surprised at first, but then smiles and makes way for Mr. Trump who, once present at the front of the group, straightens up, stands tall, scans the room and pulls the sides of his coat together.