Putting together a holistic solution to defeat Islamic State: White House

He did, however, point to general statements from Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster calling back channels an "appropriate" part of diplomacy. It is Trump's first public comment about Germany since its leader accused him of all but destroying the time-tested alliances between the United States and European nations.

Huge auto bomb near embassies in Afghan capital kills or wounds dozens

Dozens of damaged cars choked the roads as wounded survivors and panicked schoolgirls sought safety. Rescue workers were digging bodies from the rubble hours after the explosion as anguished residents struggled to get through security cordons to search for missing relatives.

Horrific Kabul bombing kills 80, hundreds wounded

The official was not authorized to speak to the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said that along with the Afghan guard who was killed, a German diplomat was lightly wounded while an Afghan staffer sustained severe injuries.

Trump's Foreign Trip Followed by Merkel's Hint at Self-Sufficiency

President Donald Trump on Tuesday ratcheted up tensions with Germany with a fresh tweet blaming the key ally for not spending enough on defence and for America's trade deficit. "The times when we could fully rely on others are to some extent over". The prime minister praised Merkel's "strong leadership" and said a EU-focused vision is what the world needed.

US Successful Missile Defense Test Matters For Americans: Here's Why

The Pentagon is still incorporating engineering upgrades to a missile interceptor that has yet to be fully tested in realistic conditions. A test failure would raise new questions about the defensive system. It was not a mock-up of an actual North Korean ICBM, and details of its exact capabilities weren't made public. Pentagon officials like to say that it's like hitting a bullet with a bullet.

Former TSA boss among candidates for FBI director

Spicer would not say whether the two men were the only ones now under consideration, or if they were considered finalists. The intelligence community said earlier this year with "high confidence" that Russian Federation interfered in last year's election in Trump's favor against Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.