SNP Leader Vows to Balance Budget

The nationalists argue that Brexit is a game-changer. She added: "I've been clear talking about a second independence referendum in Scotland at this time". Its election manifesto, published today, says that SNP MPs in Westminster "will always vote to protect the health service in all parts of the United Kingdom from privatisation - as any moves to privatise the NHS in England could lead to the erosion of the budget that is available to Scotland".

Watch Jeremy Corbyn argue why Theresa May should debate him on TV

Mr Corbyn moved to shift the election campaign on to Labour's agenda after Theresa May made Brexit her issue and said Mr Corbyn was unfit to lead the UK's negotiations with Brussels. I accept that's important, of course it's important, but it's not a debate. Corbyn will face-off against Conservative Home Secretary Amber Rudd, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, Ukip chief Paul Nuttall, co-leader of the Greens Caroline Lucas, SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson and Plaid Cymru leader Leanne ...

Sea lion drags shocked girl into water by her dress

Fujiwara said he goes to the dock regularly but has never seen anything like what he captured in the video . The video , filmed by Michael Fujiwara , was posted on YouTube and had 7.5 million views in two days. In an interview with CBC , Kiesman compared the massive sea lion to a bear . Mr Andrew Tites, director of the University of British Columbia's Marine Mammal Research Unit, said it was likely that the sea lion thought the girl's dress was food.

UK election goes from dull to dramatic as contest tightens

Sterling fell in early dealings Wednesday after a shock opinion poll warned Prime Minister Theresa May could lose her majority in next week's general election . However, a deal is unlikely seeing as the party infamously opposes Brexit and many other Conservative initiatives. He states: "The idea behind MRP is that we use the poll data from the preceding seven days to estimate a model relating interview date, constituency, voter demographics, past voting behaviour, and other ...

Modi urges Spanish firms to invest in India

Modi urges Spanish firms to invest in India

He is the first prime minister since Rajiv Gandhi to visit the country on a standalone visit. Modi said after meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel: "We do not have the right to spoil the environment for future generations. "My government is not only committed to following this policy, but taking our relations to newer heights", he had added, as per IANS . "He invited them to look anew at a new India emerging with government's push for economic growth", he said in another tweet.

As US threatens withdrawal, Feds still committed to Paris Accord, McKenna says

While Trump now favors an exit, he has been known to change his thinking on major decisions and tends to seek counsel from a range of inside and outside advisers, many with differing agendas, until the last minute. The comments came after media reports said Trump would withdraw from the global agreement to curb emissions. In a nonbinding "decision" that accompanies the agreement but is not included in it, the US$100 billion (€89 billion) per year that rich countries have pledged to muster ...