US ICBM intercept test sends clear message to N. Korea: senator

US ICBM intercept test sends clear message to N. Korea: senator

Despite so many failures, critics of the program's efficacy have questioned whether the tests are too easy. An ongoing program for a redesigned kill vehicle will be flight-tested by the end of calendar year 2019 and, Syring said, "will be the next step in not only improving reliability but improving performance against the evolving threat".

Trump poised to quit Paris climate deal

But the official said there may be "caveats in the language" that Trump uses to announce the withdrawal - leaving open the possibility that the decision isn't final. She said the agreement "honors our collective moral responsibility to leave future generations with a planet that is clean, healthy and sustainable".

Corbyn condemns anti-Semitic abuse of Jewish BBC journalist

While only 12 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds said they would vote Conservative, 69 percent would vote for Corbyn. Mrs May has ruled out attending any televised debates this campaign and Home Secretary Amber Rudd is expected to take her place.

Trump expected to scuttle Paris climate accord

Wednesday's tweet from President Trump triggering the speculation over the U.S.'s withdrawal from the Paris Climate agreement comes after a campaign promise to "cancel" the deal, and a considerable number of comments over what he has called the climate change " hoax ".

Kushner and the back story of back channels

According to the nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service, the White House has announced nominees for just 117 of the 559 most important Senate-confirmed positions. White House press secretary Sean Spicer has been showing signs of strain under his job in recent weeks, and joked with reporters over drinks last week in Jerusalem that they had to take shots if they asked him work-related questions.

President Trump's Close to Decision on Paris Climate Agreement

President Trump's Close to Decision on Paris Climate Agreement

Though no final decision has been made, Trump mulling whether to snub the climate deal - inked in Paris during a United Nations Climate Change Conference - is unsurprising, one source added. In March, the US President rolled back Mr Obama's record on climate change with a series of executive orders undermining America's commitment to tackling global warming.