MAS flight returns to Melbourne airport due to disruptive passenger

The plane was grounded in Melbourne and the passenger in question was "apprehended by airport security", the airline confirmed. "The passenger, a Sri Lankan national, claimed to have a bomb". "We don't want to be stigmatizing any more than mental illness is already stigmatized". All other flights diverted to Avalon, near Geelong, with Melbourne Airport reportedly in lock down.

Malaysia Airlines jet diverted in Australia over bomb scare

Police said 25-year-old had been discharged from a Melbourne psychiatric hospital on Wednesday before buying a ticket on the flight to Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. Leoncelli said the would-be bomber ran to the back of the plane, where two other men grabbed him, removed the apparent device, and "put hog ties on him".

Minimum Wage Goes To $9.50 Per Hour Wednesday

Minimum Wage Goes To $9.50 Per Hour Wednesday

Challengers say it should be left to local officials who better understand the needs of their residents to decide the appropriate minimum wage. He also said that, "you can not say you want to stamp out corruption and not give the people the livable wage to take care of their family".

Britain may be heading for hung Parliament

That is because markets initially pencilled in an increased Conservative majority - strengthening the Prime Minister's hand politically as she prepares for Brexit negotiations. In stark contrast to opinion polls that have until the past week shown May on course for a big election win, a YouGov model suggested she would lose 20 seats and her 17-seat working majority in the 650-seat British parliament.

Bowlers give India strong chance to defend CT title: Laxman (IANS Interview)

The tournament will last for only 18 days and the cricket played will be exciting and enthralling. The stand outs being - 143 in 2004 at Colombo, Sri Lanka in an Asia Cup game and a majestic 128, where he literally "cut" his way through the Indian bowling attack to dismantle them in a Champions Trophy game in 2009 at Centurion.

Ariana Grande announces Manchester benefit concert for bombing victims

Ariana Grande announces Manchester benefit concert for bombing victims

Citing unnamed federal security sources, Focus reports that British-born Salman Abedi twice flew from a German airport in recent years and wasn't on any global watch list. The bombing, which took place at the Manchester Arena indoor venue just after the end of a concert by United States pop singer Ariana Grande , was the deadliest in Britain since July 2005, when 52 people were killed in attacks on London's transport network.