Cyclone Mora:Fishermen asked not to venture into sea in Odisha

Cyclone Mora:Fishermen asked not to venture into sea in Odisha

The Mora cyclone formed after heavy rains in Sri Lanka caused floods and landslides killing over 180 people. The storm made landfall this morning between the fishing port of Cox's Bazar and the city of Chittagong, with winds of up to one hundred and seventeen per hour.

White House says will refer questions about Russia probes to Trump's attorney

To confirm the news, Counselor Kellyanne Conway told Fox: "What I will say is that he has expressed his desire to leave the White House and made very clear that he would see through the President's worldwide trip". President Trump's incomplete, misspelled tweet read, " Despite the constant negative press covfefe ". The term has now became a top trending item on Twitter , with many users supplying tongue-in-cheek meanings.

Out for golgappas, BJP leader robbed of laptop, camera

Out for golgappas, BJP leader robbed of laptop, camera

According to the complaint filed by Vijay Jolly at the Saket police station, the thieves broke into the leader's vehicle and stole his handbag that is supposed to have contained a digital camera, a Lenovo laptop and some documents. A shoulder bag kept in the auto was stolen which contained a camera, a laptop, a computer mouse and some official documents. Speaking to media after the robbery, Jolly condemned the act and said he was "very shocked".

Trump To Announce If He's In Or Out Of Paris Accord

Trump has repeatedly expressed doubts about climate change, at times calling it a hoax to weaken USA industry. Earlier, Mr Trump said he would make his decision on the accord "very soon" , with local media reporting he was set to pull the USA from the global pact.

Trump hits out at 'fake media' over Kushner reports

Trump also said he trusts his 36-year-old senior adviser, Kushner, because he is a very good person. Kushner is alleged to have spoken with Russia's ambassador to the US about setting up a back-channel communications network with Moscow during the presidential transition.

Sterling turmoil as polls split over election 2017 result

YouGov's analysis puts the Tories on 310 seats, down from the 330 they went into the election campaign with, and 16 short of a majority. By early Wednesday morning, it was trading 0.44% lower against the dollar at $1.28020 and 0.29% lower against the euro at 1.14600 Euros.