Trump's mobile phone use a headache for security experts

Trump's mobile phone use a headache for security experts

Spicer offered no further explanation and attempted to move on to the next question, sending the assembled reporters into a tizzy. At Wednesday's briefing, which was off-camera, one reporter could be heard shouting after the departing press secretary, "How short are these gonna be!?" In the meantime , Twitter had been set alight with a slew of bemused reactions to what most presumed was a typo of " coverage ", and the legend of " covfefe " was born.

BAGHDAD: at least 30 people dead after bomb explosion

Qassemi emphasized that the final victory against terrorism in Iraq was imminent and expressed hope that Iraq would be completely cleansed of Takfiri terrorists soon given the recent achievements by the Iraqi popular forces in the northern city of Mosul.

UK May's Conservatives dwarf rivals in election campaign donations

Opinion polls have not been accurate or even near-accurate in recent elections , but unlike some that saw the Conservatives increasing their majority, a new poll by YouGov published by The Times suggested a hung Parliament . The pound has come under pressure after a new poll pointed to the risk of a hung parliament in next week's General Election. Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May speaks during a Q&A at Cross Manufacturing Company in Odd Down in Bath, Britain, May 31, 2017 .

Gen. Keane: Trump Building 'Framework of an Arab NATO' During Mideast Visit

Gen. Keane: Trump Building 'Framework of an Arab NATO' During Mideast Visit

The central achievement of Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia was almost $ 110 billion in deals sealed on Saturday in which Riyadh will buy us arms to help it counter Iran, with options running as high as $350 billion over 10 years. Trump's signature phrase "radical Islamic terrorism" was not included in the speech. Trump was welcomed warmly in Riyadh , where he and first lady Melania Trump were given an extravagant reception.

A new Director-General for the World Health Organization

In these roles he secured record funding for of the Global Fund and RBM and created the Global Malaria Action Plan, which expanded RBM's reach beyond Africa to Asia and Latin America. The former health minister has been dogged by allegations that he covered up cholera outbreaks in Ethiopia, and protesters have occasionally interrupted proceedings at the meeting in Geneva this week.

Mexican foreign minister: 'We are ready' to rework NAFTA

The dairy groups have also continued to call for improving market access to Canada and tackling that country's expanding list of protectionist policies and other barriers to USA dairy exports. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross last week said the White House had not yet decided whether to continue the pact as a three-nation deal, or split it into two separate bilateral agreements, something Canada and Mexico oppose.