Delegates get Ready to Nominate Trump at RNC

Cox said in the statement . "Everybody is going to be out there working for Trump; everybody will be on the Trump train", said Hooper. "We can not afford to have America have its commander in chief be someone who espouses hatred, divisiveness and who wants to separate people", Cook County Commissioner Chuy Garcia said.

Crime stats don't back Trump's dire view

Some delegates who supported the language also pointed out that the party's presumptive nominee Donald Trump himself had acknowledged that the Orlando attack was one on the LGBT community. "It doesn't work like that". TAPPER: Is there anything Donald Trump could do to get your endorsement? In less than one week, close to 5,000 Republican delegates and alternate delegates from all over the country will gather in Cleveland to nominate their presidential and vice presidential candidates, ...

President Obama to visit Dallas at police memorial on Tuesday

Johnson rejected the suggestion that Obama and his administration had helped incite violence against the police by supporting Black Lives Matter activists. "There is no contradiction between us supporting law enforcement. and also saying that there are problems across our criminal justice system, there are biases - some conscious and unconscious - that have to be rooted out", Obama said.

Hillary Clinton Receives Long-Awaited Presidential Endorsement

The draft of the Democratic platform features several of Sanders' main talking points, a $15 minimum wage, building better infrastructure, and campaign finance reform. Sanders , who obtained more than 12 million votes during the primaries, has exerted considerable pressure to get the Democratic platform to have greater social content, a move created to defend the weaker and more vulnerable portions of US society.

North Korea's Foreign Ministry: US deliberately aggravates situation on Korean Peninsula

North Korea's Foreign Ministry: US deliberately aggravates situation on Korean Peninsula

However, the action by the Obama administration on Wednesday marked the first time Kim has been personally targeted, and also the first time that any North Korean official has been blacklisted by the U.S. North Korea "will not passively watch how United States undermines peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and will take decisive measures", he warned.