United States climate decision leaves Europe incensed, dismayed

It's a massive blow to USA prestige, and one that will likely filter down to US companies that do business globally, making it harder for them to win business. Stock market speculators, Wall Street banks, fossil fuel companies and electrical utilities will also be disappointed by Trump's decision, as they meant to profit from government-mandated carbon pricing schemes of the type now being imposed across Canada by Trudeau and most premiers.

USA climate decision leaves Europe incensed, dismayed

Within days of taking office on January 20, Trump kept his promise to withdraw the USA from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-nation agreement finalized during the Obama administration that would have reduced prices and boosted sales overseas for automakers, farmers and tech companies.

US President Donald Trump accuses media of fabricating news

Lawyers for Kushner said he was willing to talk with federal and congressional investigators about his foreign contacts and his work on the Trump campaign. The White House is preparing to establish a "war room" to combat mounting questions about ties between Russian Federation and Trump's presidential campaign, a scandal that has threatened to consume his young presidency.

After Paris pullout, Americans can do their part on climate

Am departing presidential councils. In December 2015, 195 countries agreed on a broad range of goals to combat climate change . Iger's departure came just a couple of hours after Musk , the founder of Tesla and SpaceX , followed through on a promise he made Wednesday to part ways with Trump if the president chose to back out of the accord.

Iraqi Militias Prepared to Join Assad in Fight Against Daesh

Iraqi Militias Prepared to Join Assad in Fight Against Daesh

The southeast of the Syrian desert, known as the Badia, has become an important front in Syria's civil war between President Bashar al-Assad, backed by Iran and Shi'ite militias, and rebels seeking to oust him. "Pro-regime patrols and the continued armed and hostile presence of forces inside the. zone is unacceptable and threatening to coalition forces". "Coalition forces are prepared to defend themselves if pro-regime forces refuse to vacate the deconfliction zone".

Mark Cuban urges Democrats to push Trump on Paris

Mark Cuban urges Democrats to push Trump on Paris

Alas, far more are disappointed than pleased by Trump's decision to stall America's progress. Democratic governors aren't the only politicians vowing to counter Trump's Paris pact decision. Supporters of the accord condemned Trump's move as an abdication of American leadership, an worldwide disgrace and a monumental foreign policy blunder.