Clinton, Trump neck-and-neck in new Texas poll

Smith was a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention in July, where she delivered an emotional speech blaming Clinton for her son's death and accusing her of lying to families about what sparked the attack. This time , Trump has invited Patricia Smith, whose son Sean died in a United State consulate in Benghazi - an attack that many conservatives blamed at least in part on Clinton.

Super typhoon slams into northeastern Philippines

As a powerful typhoon threatens to hit the country, President Duterte has assured the government is "ready for everything" in mitigating the impact of the storm. "We can't go out because the wind is so intense, trees are being forced down", Councilor Elisa Arugay told DZMM radio from Camasi village in Penablanca.

Turkey's Erdogan tells Iraqi leader to 'know his place'

Ankara has maintained that it is there to train Sunni fighters opposed to the Islamic State as well as Kurdish peshmerga fighters. "The loss of direct road access to cross-border smuggling routes into Turkey severely restricts the group's ability to recruit new fighters from overseas, while the Iraqi government is poised to launch its offensive on Mosul", he said.

Clinton leads Trump by 9 points heading into last debate

Clinton leads Trump by 9 points heading into last debate

Since the first debate on September 26 at Hofstra University, Clinton's largely stayed out of the spotlight as Trump's campaign reels from accusations about his treatment of women, including numerous allegations of sexual misconduct. Notes on the conversation describe discussion about a "quid pro quo" in which the email's classification would be changed and State would allow the Federal Bureau of Investigation to place more agents in countries where they hadn't been permitted.

Low hopes of breakthrough from Syria talks in Switzerland

Syria and Russian Federation counter that they only targeting militants in Aleppo and accuse the United States of breaking the ceasefire by bombing scores of Syrian troops fighting Islamic State insurgents, over which the United States has expressed "regret".A senior rebel commander said on Friday Syrian government forces would never be able to capture Aleppo's eastern sector, but a military source said the operation was going as planned.

UN Security Council condemns failed North Korea missile launch

North Korea's intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) could be ready to go much earlier than initially expected, says a USA -based think tank. However, the United States and South Korean officials say the launch was unsuccessful as the projectile likely exploded immediately after liftoff.