Angela Merkel: Trump can't stop us on Paris deal

Expressions of shock and regret came from around the world, including from Pacific islands at risk of being swallowed by rising seas and who accused Washington of "abandoning" them. United Nations officials also stressed that the deal was structured to require action from multiple levels of government, including municipal, regional and federal authorities.

Radiohead Shares New Video For Previously Unreleased Song, 'I Promise'

Radiohead Shares New Video For Previously Unreleased Song, 'I Promise'

Driven by an nearly military drum beat, it is backed by acoustic guitar and Thom Yorke's keening vocals: "I won't run away no more, I promise / Even when I get bored, I promise / Even when you lock me out, I promise ". Everything I was writing was actually a way of trying to reconnect with other human beings when you're always in transit. On top of a remaster of " OK Computer ", " OKNOTOK " will come with a few delicious rarities from the era, including unreleased tracks " Lift " ...

Philippine military mistakenly kills own soldiers

Philippine military mistakenly kills own soldiers

Military operations suffered a setback on Wednesday when an aircraft bombed friendly forces, killing 11 soldiers and wounding seven. Lorenzana added that the failed airstrike was the first accident of its kind in the history of the Philippine air force and that the military would investigate what went wrong to prevent future incidents.

Spicer addresses confusion around 'covfefe' tweet from Trump

President Barack Obama's and President George W. Bush's communications directors also quit a few months into the job, he pointed out. Opponents of the Trump administration were quick to take the opportunity to accuse Kushner of potentially committing espionage and Democrats have called for his security clearance to be removed till the investigation concludes.

Comey Testimony Could Include Trump Conversations But Not FBI's Russia Investigation Details

However, the New York Times reported that during one of their interactions, the President asked Mr Comey to end its investigation into Mr Flynn, according to a memo reportedly written by Mr Comey. According to a CNN report , Comey is expected to back up press reports that Trump tried to pressure him into getting the FBI to back off an investigation of Flynn.

New York Mets Apologize After Mr. Met Gives Fan the Finger

Then, in 2014, the live hawk serving as the Seattle Seahawks' mascot did what most birds do and took to the air, abandoning its handler and eventually landing on a fan . The general manager of the Triple-A Las Vegas 51s, the Mets' top minor league affiliate, tweeted that "unfortunately" their mascot "Cosmo is not eligible for a call-up to NY".