Patriotic Russians may have staged cyber attacks: Vladimir Putin

In comments to reporters at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Putin likened hackers to "artists", who could act on behalf of Russian Federation if they felt its interests were being threatened. "It's quite easy to do technologically", he said . He said he had a lot in common with the United States leader as he considered that neither were professional politicians and highlighted that he himself had never been a member of a party.

Putin ridicules claims of meddling in US vote

Putin ridicules claims of meddling in US vote

He said the Russia-India Strategic Partnership was a pillar of strength and their partnership will be an important factor in stability in the world. "I can imagine that some do it deliberately, staging a chain of attacks in such a way as to cast Russian Federation as the origin of such an attack", Putin said.

Trump's climate decision a 'disappointment: Justin Trudeau

Macron decried Trump's move in a live televised address, saying that "on the climate, there is no plan B because there is no planet B" and that "we will not renegotiate a less ambitious deal". But the whole point of the deal was that each country was able to set its own targets - meaning Trump could change US targets on his own without formal negotiations.

Putin says Snowden was wrong to leak secrets, but is no traitor

Petersburg worldwide Economic Forum in Russian Federation on June 1, 2017 . President Vladimir Putin has ridiculed the USA focus on the Russian ambassador's contacts with members of President Donald Trump's team, saying that the envoy was only doing his job.

Putin: Syria chemical attack was provocation against Assad

Petersburg worldwide Economic Forum. Putin also acknowledged that there may be Russian hackers "who consider themselves patriots" and decide to "make their contribution, as they see fit, to fight against those who speak ill of Russia ".

Jeremy Corbyn's student loan policy could be potentially life-changing

By attracting thousands of zealous young new supporters and re-engaging hard-left activists who had abandoned the party under Blair, Corbyn created a power base that helped him survive an attempted coup by party moderates previous year. election and the EU Referendum. Labour are promising to save commuters more than £1,000 on their season tickets over the next five years, if they win the election.