Donald Trump's Muslim ban could be reinstated within just two weeks

President Donald Trump's administration on Thursday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to revive his ban on travelers from six Muslim-majority nations after it was blocked by lower courts that found it was discriminatory. During his U.S. Senate confirmation hearing, Gorsuch vowed not to be a rubber stamp for any president when asked about Trump's statements criticizing judges who ruled against the travel ban .

Egypt: 23 dead as gunmen fire on bus carrying Coptic Christians

Hours after Friday's attack President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi ordered airstrikes on Islamist militant camps in Libya as Egypt's military said those who had planned and executed the attack had come from these camps. The pontiff took the occasion to condemn the attacks, repeating his statement that killing in the name of God is blasphemy. "Terrorists are engaged in a war against civilisation, and it is up to all who value life to confront and defeat this evil", US President Donald Trump said.

Some LGBT facts for Pride Month

The first daughter posted a statement to Twitter, despite the White House not acknowledging the month . President Trump, however, has done nothing. Given Bush's decision not to declare LGBT Pride Month , Trump's decision can be read as either discontinuing a White House tradition or discontinuing a Democratic White House tradition.

Trump supporters think they know the true meaning of covfefe

Trump later poked fun at it, saying , "Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe"??? ". But here's what captivated the entire world - nevertheless, covfefe PERSISTED . "If you say only a small group of people know what that word means, tell us what that word means". Why give it more import than just a typo? But unlike his past egregious Twitter errors, no one knew what this one meant - or how to pronounce it.

Champions League: 'Legacy' pitch for Grangetown

Ramos , one of the stars for Madrid in the last two European finals won by the club, excelled in defense and offense, finding the net 10 times in all competitions this season for his best scoring mark of his career. "I play whenever I think I should". Massimiliano Allegri has done a great job at Juventus and has continued the work of Antonio Conte since arriving in Turin in 2014.

Pound falls as analysis projects hung United Kingdom parliament

Pound falls as analysis projects hung United Kingdom parliament

The pound sterling fell against other major currencies this morning as controversial modeling predicted the Conservative Party would lose its majority in the British parliament in next week's election. YouGov said May was still the most favoured choice for prime minister, though her 43 percent rating is the lowest it has ever been. It then estimated the number of each type of voter in each constituency.