Bible school set for Baptist church

All ages are welcome and transportation is provided. Each day kids will encounter awesome and wonderful things designed by a Creator who is even bigger than the vastness of His creation, as well as make crafts, play fun games, enjoy tasty snacks, sing cool songs, and learn about missions.

Nobody at White House will say whether Trump believes in climate change

In Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted that the US withdrawal won't prevent the rest of the world from pressing ahead with efforts to curb global warming. Trump's decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement was also criticized on Friday by Minister of Health and Labor Jevgeni Ossinovski, who said that the taking course toward becoming a developing country.

Sterling drops on risk of hung United Kingdom parliament

Sterling drops on risk of hung United Kingdom parliament

Meanwhile a separate YouGov model based on different data estimated the Conservatives would win 317 seats, nine short of an overall majority of 326 seats. An ICM poll for the Guardian on Tuesday showed Labour gaining ground - a trend consistent with other pollsters - but suggested the Tories were still enjoying a healthy advantage.

Silicon Valley reacts to the United States backing out of Paris Agreement

Meanwhile, the mayor of Pittsburgh also fired back after Trump said , "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris ". But he indicated that was hardly a priority. Many major corporations like Exxon, Shell, and Walmart had urged Trump to keep the USA in the Paris accord. It recently canceled construction of more than 100 new coal-fired power plants and plans to invest at least $360 billion in green-energy projects by the end of the decade.

German Ambassador Claims Trump And Merkel Have 'Good Relationship'

German Ambassador Claims Trump And Merkel Have 'Good Relationship'

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that the two leaders get along "very well" and are growing a "bond" they had during their talks in the G7. Later, during a joint press conference, Trump attempted to make light of his claim that President Barack Obama ordered a wiretap of Trump Tower by joking that it was something he and Merkel had in common - referring to a report that the previous administration listened to Merkel's telephone calls.

Chief takes veiled swipe at Trump on climate abdication

The post Trump poised to pull out of Paris climate deal appeared first on The Independent Uganda: . The melting ice from the Greenland threatens to "alter the Gulf Stream and affect food production, water security and weather patterns from Canada to India", he noted.