Talks continue on day EU-Canada trade deal was to be signed

Now the Belgian politicians and officials from the European Commission have assured to suspend the application of the ICS until all EU member nations have ratified the treaty. Trudeau was due to bring his photogenic good looks and pointy, devastating elbows to Brussels today to triumphantly sign the so-called CETA pact and take selfies with Eurocrats like Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker.

Mourinho calls on players to act like men

The Portuguese coach - who sat helplessly as he endured his worst defeat in the Premier League against the club who sacked him last term - wants an immediate reaction against city rivals Manchester City in Wednesday's League Cup clash. The Spain worldwide insisted that Conte's behaviour was not created to antagonise Mourinho or any of the United players. The Spain worldwide has brushed off the claims that his coach was looking to offend the Portuguese, claiming that the 47-year-old was ...

Three people killed in Los Angeles shootout

Police said that three individuals left the party, before returning with guns and opening fire. If someone was planning a party or an event and didn't have a location, they could go to Dilly and ask if they could hold it there, he said.

Massive gender equality protest in Iceland

At the rate that the wage gap is being diminished, women have gained three minutes of paid time each year since 2005, when they would start "working for free" after 2:08 p.m. In a roundtable discussion in April, she mentioned the Paycheck Fairness Act (also known as the Equal Pay Act), a proposal to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 bill to "prohibit against sex discrimination in the payment of wages".

Obama shortens 98 inmates' sentences, bringing total to 862

Obama shortens 98 inmates' sentences, bringing total to 862

That sentence was commuted to a term of 151 months' imprisonment and unpaid balance of the $35,000 fine remitted, conditioned upon enrollment in residential drug treatment, according to the release. As of October 7, Obama has granted just 5.5% of commutation applications - still more than many of his predecessors. None of the commutations were for inmates in Montana or Wyoming.

Alleged Trump Hollywood star smasher freed

Alleged Trump Hollywood star smasher freed

Trump has repeatedly dismissed accusations that he kissed and groped women without their permission. A crowd gathers to watch as Donald Trump's vandalized Star along the Hollywood Walk of Fame is tended to and cleaned up before being replaced on October 26, 2016 in Hollywood, California.