Putin tells NBC: US hackers could have framed Russian Federation in election hack

The journalist asked the Russian president about what American intelligence agencies say is evidence that he became personally involved in a covert campaign to harm Hillary Clinton and benefit Donald Trump . "What else the ambassador is supposed to do?" "Should you be given some pill?" "But it turned out that he was right", Putin said. He added, however, that "so far we are seeing the way the military infrastructure is expanding and heading towards our borders".

From London, an Antiguan woman speaks on terror attacks

From London, an Antiguan woman speaks on terror attacks

The London ambulance service said more than 30 people had been taken to hospitals across the city. London resident Dee, 26, said she was sure it was a terror attack as the van careered southwards over London Bridge . Trump tweeted "we are with you" and said the United States would do whatever was needed to help. "Whatever the United States can do to help out in London and the U".

South Korea Fires Warning Shots at Flying Object From North

South Korea Fires Warning Shots at Flying Object From North

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervised a ballistic rocket launching drill of Hwasong artillery units of the Strategic Force of the Korean People' Army on the spot in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency in Pyongyang, March 7, 2017.

Climate action 'unstoppable,' nations should stay course — UN chief

Business leaders no longer seem to fear Trump's tweets; foreign leaders have moved from attempts to find rapport to direct confrontation. In his statement from the White House Rose Garden, Trump said the current deal would have cost millions of American jobs and slowed economic production.

Putin says US hackers could have framed Russia in election hack

Kelly's interview with Putin came at a time when the House and Senate intelligence committees are probing the alleged interference by Russians in the US presidential election. "It reminds me of anti-Semitism", he said. "The problem isn't us, the problem is inside USA politics", he said. "In line with how it happened earlier, the president will give answers to questions from the nation - related to the political, social and economic aspects as well as to the worldwide situation", the ...

What happens with Brexit if there's no clear victor of United Kingdom election?

Hotel stays for party workers helping with Mr Mackinlay's campaign were paid for by the national party, rather than by his own restricted budget for local expenses. Negotiations for Britain's departure from the European Union are due to begin 11 days after the election and the prime minister admitted the European Union were already getting "aggressive".