Daily chartWho is to blame for the Conservatives' polling slump?

Unemployment is low, but so are wages and educational attainment. "I had the balls to call an election ", Mrs May told the BBC audience in York, northern England . However the findings contrast sharply with a ComRes poll for the Independent and Sunday Mirror which still shows the Conservatives with a healthy 12 point advantage.

This man's moustache won the BBC Question Time debate

Her Labour rival Mr Corbyn was heckled as he refused to say whether he would launch a retaliatory nuclear strike and denied supporting terrorism. "Don't tell us it's a pay rise", he said. Now, with another United Kingdom vote nearing (it's on June 8), Labour ally Ken Loach, the British director, has produced a film/ad - shared online by Corbyn - that could offer some insight into what the Democratic party might look and sound like in the coming years, should it choose a similar path to ...

Turkey publicly chastises United States ambassador for violent DC protests

Turkey publicly chastises United States ambassador for violent DC protests

USA officials have already summoned the Turkish ambassador over the violence, which was described by Washington police as a "brutal attack on peaceful protesters". "The State Department has raised its concerns about those events at the highest levels". Participants at the Sunday rally denounced the results of the April 16 referendum that will replace the Turkish republic's parliamentary form of government with a strong presidency, Press TV reported .

NDP, Green agreement to govern BC trumpets rep-by-pop vote system

She spoke at the same time the B.C. legislative press gallery was in a lock-up to look at the deal inked between the NDP and Greens. "The challenge here is to demonstrate to British Columbians, as we are today, that people from different political persuasions can come together in the interest of British Columbians so people don't fear minority governments, in fact, they embrace them", Horgan said.

May's lead widens ahead of June 8 election - ORB poll

A good chunk of the Brexit vote in June last year was linked to the continuing disconnect of United Kingdom governments over the last 10 years from "real life" and, in particular, from the impact of austerity measures. Dr Lelliott said it was only a few weeks ago that some key allies of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn were saying Labour would be lucky to get 200 seats.

Lead of UK Conservatives holds, May now seen negatively

The Labour leader said it was "staggering" that pensioners had not been told at what level social care costs would be capped or how many elderly people would lose the winter fuel payment, worth up to £300. The Conservative campaign in Ashfield is invisible, with no posters, yard signs or canvassers. The Liberal Party has also been in decline with support from only 10% of voters.