Macron says was ready to out-Trump in handshake

Macron says was ready to out-Trump in handshake

Emmanuel Macron , French President has hinted that he was ready for the extended handshake he had with Donald Trump before the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Italy. It has to bother Donald Trump that his hands-and not some other, more centrally loathsome part of his anatomy-have become his most-discussed body part since he began his presidency back in January.

Seven Dead In London Attack

Corbyn tweeted : "Brutal and shocking incidents reported in London ". "And our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and with their friends, families and loved ones". Reuters television pictures showed dozens of emergency vehicles in the area around London Bridge. Roberts said he heard what sounded like gunshots about 10 minutes later.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation head defends 'blunt' United States leader

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation head defends 'blunt' United States leader

After meeting with Stoltenberg, Trump met with European Commission leader Jean Claude Juncker, and European Council President Donald Tusk. President Donald Trump speaks at NATO Headquarters in Brussels , May 25, 2017. "It's only natural for the president of the United States to be in the front row", he said in a statement on the government website. The notorious Article 5 - about dedicating 2% of each member's GDP to defense spending remains a point of contention.

Barricades, protests spread over Venezuela

Barricades, protests spread over Venezuela "sham" elections

He added gubernatorial elections pending since last December would take place on 10 December this year. Last week, President Donald Trump called the Venezuelan situation " a disgrace to humanity " and the United States has placed sanctions on the country since Maduro expanded his executive authority following opposition victories in 2015 congressional elections.

Behind closed doors, Texas lawmakers strip funding for sex trafficking victims

The Texas Legislature appears to be at a stalemate on a "bathroom bill" that could push the legislative session into overtime. That's something Patrick said doesn't go far enough. "Only the Governor can determine when or if there is a special session, and if so, what issues are addressed". On Friday, Patrick continued his threat to push for a special session and said the House at a minimum should pass HB 2899, which, he noted, 80 House members had signed on to.

Van ploughs into pedestrians on London Bridge

Witnesses said a white van veered off the road before hitting pedestrians sometime around 10.30pm. Eyewitnesses spoke of abject panic as three men armed with "foot-long" knives burst into packed restaurants and cafes, attacking those inside indiscriminately.