London Bridge terror attack death toll rises to 7

German Chancellor Angela Merkel voiced her sympathy. "There were three of them. the ambulance came and took them away". British authorities have said officers shot dead all three attackers in Saturday night's terror attack , but that the investigation was continuing.

As Part of 'Israel's Return to Africa', Netanyahu Heads to Liberia

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel's Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Tzipi Hotovely will depart from Israel this evening in order to attend a conference in Liberia. The King's visit was schedule to add to a busy next few days with air traffic eased to accommodate leaders and guests flying in with their private jets.

Grande to return to stage Sunday for Manchester benefit show

As we previously reported, " Ariana is going to be very emotional during the tribute concert and most likely is going to tear up throughout, which most expect and would not look down on her whatsoever because this event is going to be very emotional".

How British media reported London terror attacks

The third terrorist attack to have occurred in the United Kingdom this year and the second in London , Saturday's attack will renew the debate around the safety of the capital in light of the increased terror threat. Islamist militants have carried out attacks in Berlin, Nice, Brussels and Paris over the past two years. The suspects behind a London terror attack which killed at least six people were wearing "fake" explosive vests, it has emerged .

India, France to jointly work on climate change, combating terrorism

He also lauded India for its deep and constant commitment towards France. "The USA has not only been one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the past, but also continues to be one now". He also shared the French President's views on greater exchange of students programmes between the two countries and said they will strengthen it. "France will stand by India in the fight against terrorism", he said.