London terror: Member of public caught in police fire

Well I thought enough was enough after 9/11, I thought that enough was enough after 7/7, I didn't think we should be taking any more of these attacks on our people, we all agree on that. Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick declined to give any details about the identities of the attackers, but said a large investigation was underway to work out whether anyone else was working with them, or helping to plan the attack.

State Department won't say if Tillerson attended Trump climate speech

State Department won't say if Tillerson attended Trump climate speech

Surprisingly, not everybody is on board with Trump's decision to leave the Paris climate control accords . A global framework strengthens competitiveness for American businesses. As Trump announced in the White House Rose Garden on Thursday afternoon that the United States would exit the Paris deal, he and members of his administration pitched the decision as an economic one and did not dwell on the environmental implications.

London attack: Increase in armed police across Scotland

Give us all your thoughts below! The police confirmed that the perpetrators had used a rented auto during the attack . Yet it seems the terrorists believe that where they have previously failed to poison our communities, with their destructive ideology of hatred and prejudice, they can succeed with still more bloodshed and murder.

Terrorists kill seven, wound at least 50 in London

People familiar with the matter said it was a similar story at UBS' London headquarters at Liverpool Street and also at Jefferies, which is based close where the attacks took place. The Westminster attack was the work of a single attacker who operated entirely alone but the Manchester bomber was part of a network and Saturday's attack involved at least three people.

Police arrest 12 after London Bridge attack

It began Saturday night when a van veered off the road and barreled into pedestrians on busy London Bridge . One attacker was seen with "a big knife" attacking people in the Borough Market whose pubs and restaurants were packed. It had been raised to critical after the Manchester attack, then lowered again days later. Rudd's comments follow a statement from Theresa May , who said that Britain should take more action to handle extremism in the country.